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User's addons

  • Widget Selection

    This plugin improves selection handling for Widget elements.

  • Moono-Lisa

    A modern, flat, monochromatic skin. The default skin of CKEditor 4 since version 4.6.

  • Copy Formatting

    Allows for quick and easy copying of text formatting between the parts of your document.

  • Balloon Panel

    The Balloon Panel plugin provides the ability to create a floating, balloon-shaped container capable of presenting content at a prec

  • Accessibility Checker

    Accessibility Checker is an innovative solution that lets you inspect the accessi

  • CKFinder

    File manager and uploader created by the core development team behind CKEditor.

  • Upload File

    A simple plugin that allows you to drag&drop a file into the editor.

  • Auto Embed

    This plugin automatically turns a media resource URL pasted into the editing area into an embedded resource. By default this feature

  • Auto Link

    A simple plugin that turns the pasted URL text into a link.

  • Notification

    This plugin implements methods for creating and displaying various types of notifications – information, warning, success and progress.