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Problem with iframe
Hello mates,

today i've downloaded the latest version of CKEditor for Joomla. And i like it.
ATM i have a problem with iframes. I'd like to add a Amazon iframe into my post. I'm using Easyblog for doing this.
I used the Icon in CKEditor for creating the iframe and added the URL, sizes, id and so on. Then i had a red box in my document which says, that it is iframe code inside. When i'm using the Preview Button from CKEditor he gives me the correct output and i can see the frames content.
After saving in Easyblog and visiting the Site, there is no iframe content. If i reopening Easyblog and look in the Sourcecode, there isn't a iframe anymore. :-(

Is that an Issue of CKEditor, EasyBlog or Joomla?

Maybe anyone can help?

cu Sascha
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Joined: 13/04/2012
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Re: Problem with iframe
Has no one any idea? :(
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Re: Problem with iframe
probably Joomla strips your HTML code.
Please check "Custom Black List in Text Filters" section in http://www.ostraining.com/blog/joomla/joomla25/ or this: http://www.cmsmind.com/joomla-2-5-is-stripping-all-html-code/
It looks that Joomla strips your 'iframe'.
Hope this helps you