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IE, FF, Chrome browser compatibility problems
CKEditor isn't working for some of my users who are using IE, FF or Chrome on Windows platforms. It is working for one of those same people in Safari and Opera. Also it is working for me on Windows XP Home in IE 8, FF 3.6.9 and Chrome, on the exact same pages that don't work for someone on Windows XP Pro in IE FF 3.6.9 and Chrome. There's something about some people's copies of the same browser, same version that makes it work on one computer and not on another. It consistently disables IE FF and Chrome for these people while these same people can use Opera and Safari.

Here's the super-simple test page I've been having people check: http://scripts.webmastersite.net/test/cktest8.html

The behavior in these failed cases is that it hides the textarea but doesn't put anything in its place.

One affected user reports: "when I use Chrome's developer tools, the textarea has a visibility attribute of "hidden". If I remove the <script...></script> tags, it shows up fine. My conclusion is that something in /ckeditor/ckeditor.js is setting the visibility to hidden on page load. I've tried removing this on test8 (and the earlier tests, hoping that the ckeditor will show), but it simply reshows the original textarea with "<p></p>" as content."

Note that the real problem isn't so much the hiding of the textarea (though that makes the brokenness that much more broken), it's the fact that the ckeditor doesn't load.

Anyone have any ideas? This is with CKEditor 3.4 now, but also affected 3.3.2 for sure, possibly earlier versions.
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Re: IE, FF, Chrome browser compatibility problems
Additional note: an IE 7 user for whom it fails gets this javascript error.

Line: 47
Char: 2011
Error: 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object
Code: 0
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Re: IE, FF, Chrome browser compatibility problems
Have you changed anything in the "lang" folder?
If you delete some of the files then they might get an error. And Safari is sometimes too stupid with regards to the cache and keeps saying that everything is OK although the file has been changed.
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Re: IE, FF, Chrome browser compatibility problems

I have visited your page with different browser (last version for all) it was fine for all of them.... Do not help much... right ?

A kind of strange issue...

I am VERY concerned with cross browser compatibility and I always check with multiple browsers of different version (FF, IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome among others like K-meleon or netscape) and I have to confess that, apart the problem i have now with the focus stolen by CKEditor at startup with FF 3.6.10 (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=20192), I have never encountered problems of your kind... As long as nothing has been modified in the core folder...
Did you modify something ?

On another side, i do not use your method, but the var editor = CKEDITOR.replace() straight in the HTML file to display CKEditor instances... maybe you should try this instead...

Good luck... I know how frustrating these kind of situations can be...
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Re: IE, FF, Chrome browser compatibility problems
alfonsoml wrote:Have you changed anything in the "lang" folder?

This is probably the issue, I removed a bunch of seemingly unnecessary language variants like en-gb.js to reduce the size to something more reasonable. I assumed it would automatically default to en.js. So there's no way to avoid shipping a megabyte of languages?

At least two of the affected people are in the UK, so I guess their Opera and Safari report en (and thus work) while their IE and FF report en-gb (and thus fail).