CKEditor 4 Launched! Inline Editing, New Skin and More!

The CKEditor team is happy to announce the release of the much-awaited CKEditor 4! After months of grueling work it is finally out with a new look, improved code, inline editing and many other improvements! And in case you haven’t noticed, we also have a new website with a centralize Add-ons repository and a service called CKBuilder that lets you create your own CKEditor version before downloading!

There’s a lot to discuss but if you can’t wait, just click here or press the big Download button in the top right corner and grab “the best web text editor” right now!

CKEditor 4

CKEditor 4 represents one of the biggest advancements in terms of WYSIWYG functionality. Here are some of the new features:

Inline Editing

The biggest enhancement in CKEditor 4 comes in the form of Inline Editing, an HTML5 feature that removes the old text area, allowing users to edit pages directly in their final state. Inline editing gives you a perfect idea of how your content will look without using impractical “preview” functions. CKEditor 4 truly gives you a WYSIWYG experience!

Find out how inline editing can help improve your website experience by seeing it action and check our documentation on it.

New default skin

Another big change is the new default skin. A few weeks ago we launched a skin contest, and of the many excellent entries Rafal Bromirski’s creation was chosen to represent CKEditor’s new default look. Moono’s slick and neutral design makes it easy to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of websites.

The new skin is designed to look better in different colors by adding a slight hue to the actual buttons, making the new UI even more customizable than before. 

Add-ons Repository and CKBuilder

It’s time to say farewell to the old website! After years of small changes we decided to completely redesign CKEditor’s online presence. Why? The CKEditor community expected upgrades and improvements and we delivered them in the form of a groundbreaking Add-ons Repository and a service called CKBuilder, both of which required a new website.

The Add-ons Repository is a new central location where all community plugins and skins can be submitted. The system lets contributors easily upload and maintain submissions, add screenshots, descriptions as well as release information, and allows other users to comment and rate contributions. The repository tracks each add-on's popularity so the community will always know which ones are useful.

We are also very excited about our new CKBuilder service. We understand that people have different needs, and with over 7 millions downloads CKEditor has been customized in every way possible. That’s why we decided to make the customization process easier.

CKBuilder lets you choose toolbar presets and modify them by adding or removing plugins and skins from the community Add-ons Repository. In short, you can now create your own version of CKEditor even before downloading! The CKEditor community wanted to have a choice and we took this very seriously. It redefines the concept of “a single editor for everyone”.

And much more!

CKEditor 4 also includes other improvements:

New documentation page: We created a new documentation page just for CKEditor 4.

Enhanced DOM and CSS performance:  CKEditor 4 has been reviewed and optimized to enhance its overall functionality.

Reformatted source code: We reorganized the source code to encourage community contributions, adopting a coding formatting strategy that matches the most important JavaScript applications out there.

Backwards compatibility:  The CKEditor 4 JavaScript API has been kept compatible with CKEditor 3. We focused on making the upgrade experience as seamless as possible. Report issues regarding backwards compatibility.

Improved Copy/Pasting: We have rewritten the clipboard handling feature set, one of the most important functions of any HTML text editor. You should see increased quality in all browsers.

Other News

CKEditor Premium

The CKSource website also got a facelift, and with it we introduced a new CKEditor Premium line. All commercial products have been moved to CKSource to make things easier to find and to avoid confusion with the Open Source vision of CKEditor.

CKEditor Joins GitHub

We would also like remind you that CKEditor 4 is now available on GitHub:

Feedback and What’s Next

CKEditor 4 is a big step for us so your input is very important. If you find bugs or issues, please report them at the following link:

Our bug report page

Stay Connected

And don’t forget that you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and subscribe to our CKEditor Newsletter through our social dropdown menu in the top left corner.

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  1. Fujiy's picture



    There is a official NuGet package? When v4 will be released there?


    • markdevilliers's picture



      I've published up all of the version 4.* releases to Nuget. 

      The details are at - ,

      If anyone from from ckeditor is interested in taking it over please get in touch and I can transfer ownership over to one of you guys.


      • Thanks. Maybe when there's a .NET specialist on the team.

  2. Scrolling has problems on OSX 10.8.2 + Chrome 23 (stable).

  3. THANK you very much for your excellent work!

  4. Franck V.'s picture

    Franck V.


    Thanks for the great job! All the new editor, web site and API doc look great.

    I've been using version 3.6 on an on-going project. I am going to update right now!

    p.s. On the website the mechanism to recover the password doesn't seem to work though. I'm still forwarded to a login page after clicking on the link in the email sent.

    • We will look into the password recovery problem. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. GPR-IBM's picture



    Does this new version include "Find & replace" within the SOURCE view?

  6. Eric Anderson's picture

    Eric Anderson


    For those using Rails, I submitted a patch to ckeditor-rails gem to use CKEditor 4. The pull request was accepted and is now in the stock ckeditor-rails gem. ckeditor-rails is a simple gem that includes ckeditor into the Rails asset pipeline. Makes it quick and easy to include CKEditor on your Rails project.

  7. Markfig's picture



    MAGNIFICENT WORK, all.  A huge leap forward!

    This is going to be everywhere soon. Great job.

  8. gutscheine zum ausdrucken's picture

    gutscheine zum ausdrucken


    veeri good  post

  9. I downloaded CKEditor 4.0, but I didn't find the source code. Is there have source code for

  10. It runs well but sometimes I scroll down and feel little slow. Anway, this is the best solution for me.

  11. CKEditor is the best WYSIWYG-Editor I have had. And I know what I say, because every other Wordpress Editor hadn't worked correctly.

    Thumbs up!

  12. JOHN DOE's picture



    Will the CKEditor for ASP.NET Control VERSION 4 be released soon?


    • There are plans for one, yes. but there's no ETA. Try using the 3.6.4 control from v3. It works (well, depends on which preset you are using).

      • John Doe's picture

        John Doe


        Thanks for the reply.  The 3.6.4 version of the ASP.NET control seems to work well with CKEditor version 4.  I did run into one bug that appears to be filed as Ticket #8789.  It hasn't been updated in awhile.  I was wondering if anyone could provide a status on this ticket and if the fix might make it into the v4 release of the control?  Thanks.

  13. Aamir.A's picture



    Hi team,

    Kudos foryour hardwork.

    I downloaded CKeditor from your website and it seems the zip file is missing plugin/panelbutton/plugin.js file. Though I was able to fix it on my drupal website. Please ensure that few features are enabled for CKeditor. I believe this was not done on purpose.

    PS: I'm using CKEditor+IMCE+D7




  14. It's difficult to find sample config and code for version 4.  The default skin has problem

  15. I so love the new Ckeditor look and all it has to offer. CKEditor team did great in presenting this new website. Thanks guys.

  16. Does CKEditor 3.6.4 for ASP.NET work with iOS like CKEditor 4 does?

  17. How  CKEditor 4 server-side integration for java ?


  18. NgocHuyPAV's picture




    I'm using CKEditor for my blog powered by Wordpress. But it doesn't integrate with "Better Internal Link Search" plugin. So you can add this feature for CKEditor?

    Thank you very much!

  19. Eduardo Ferrón's picture

    Eduardo Ferrón


    Wow! Inline editing is way beyond my wildest expectations, I love it :D

  20. plzzzz tell me about Dll file of the ckeditor 4.0.1

  21. "Backwards compatibility: The CKEditor 4 JavaScript API has been kept compatible with CKEditor 3. We focused on making the upgrade experience as seamless as possible. Report issues regarding backwards compatibility."

    I nearly choked laughing on that one. Focused on breaking v3 to v4 more likely. I can't remember being more frustrated with an upgrade as I am with going from 3.6.x to 4.1.1. This is painful.

    With changes like:

    • Icon names ( ie custom plugin broken )
    • The functions for getting text changed ( ie custom plugin broken )
    • No depracation list to help with the transisition ( crap ton of frustation )
    • Backspace buges when enabling / disabling editor... ( editor unusable if you are using any sort of control structure )
    • Changed the way the custom tool bars are created.  ( what part was kept compatable?)

    Campatable my butt, I wouldn't be so grumpy if they didn't take money for support. We paid to support this project, don't think we will in the future if this is the sort of forward thinking we are paying for. Yes we will be contacting thim but really, most of this is common sence documentation that they are getting money to do.