CKEditor Weekly for September 15, 2014


After a two-week hiatus we're back with another CKEditor Weekly! There's plenty of news on CKEditor 4.4.5CKEditor 4.5, past and upcoming conferences, new guides and there's loads to mention about community activity. Read on for details...

CKEditor Weekly for August 25, 2014


We're back with another edition of CKEditor Weekly. CKEditor 4.4.4 was released last week! It introduces some new features and fixes. We also have a new community plugin that's worth checking out. Read on for more...

CKEditor 4.4.4 Released

Posted by Anna on Releases

We would like to announce the release of CKEditor 4.4.4 that includes a variety of improvements, including the removal of the deprecated keypress event listener from the undo manager, fixes for a few issues related to pasting content and for some browser-specific issues.

CKEditor Weekly for August 18, 2014


We're back with another edition of CKEditor Weekly. CKEditor 4.4.4 is getting for release, Frederico Knabben was interviewed last week by and we had a few community contributions over the week. Read on for details...

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