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  • CKEditor Footnotes

    Author: Andy.Kirk

    1. 5
    CKEditor Footnotes
    Allows for the easy creation of footnotes inside a CKEditor instance. Makes use of Widgets to allow for drag and drop reordering of footnote markers....
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  • Quicktable

    Author: ufdada

    1. 5
    This plugin adds a quicktable feature to the existing table plugin. The original code was submitted by danyaPostfactum as a pull request for the...
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  • Code tag

    Author: danielsvane

    1. 0
    Code tag
    Wraps selected text in a <code></code> tag.
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  • CKEditor Font Awesome

    Author: doksoft

    1. 5
    CKEditor Font Awesome
    CKEditor Font Awesome is simple but powerful plugin which will let you to insert Font Awesome icons into your document. Choose one of 400+ icons and...

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  • Google Web Fonts plugin

    Author: gimlet

    1. 3
    Google Web Fonts plugin
    ckeditor-gwf-plugin Plugin for CKEditor to add GoogleWebFonts support. To use this plugin: copy ckeditor-gwf-plugin to ckeditor's plugin folder...
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