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  • Simple Image Browser

    Author: EpicSoftworks

    1. 0
    Simple Image Browser
    A simple plugin that allows you to integrate easily with any CMS solution while the user can easily add these within two clicks to their webcontent. There...
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  • Recordmp3js

    Author: pulipuli.chen

    1. 1
    NEW VERSION: Only tested on CKEditor 3.4.2...
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  • CKEditor Bootstrap Icons

    Author: doksoft

    1. 5
    CKEditor Bootstrap Icons
    Insert icons from a Bootstrap's set (Glyphicons) with setting their style (color, size, etc.). Easy and visual way to insert icons into your...

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  • CKEditor Bootstrap Table

    Author: doksoft

    1. 5
    CKEditor Bootstrap Table
    You will insert a table styled with Twitter Bootstrap in one click like in desktop Office. Fully integrated with other DOKSoft Bootstrap...

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  • CKWebSpeech Voice to Text

    Author: infectedalex

    1. 5
    CKWebSpeech Voice to Text
    CKWebSpeech dictation is a tool with 32 languages ​​and cultures 62 variants capable of clearly voice to text processing with the aid of a microphone...
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