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  • CKWebSpeech Voice to Text

    Author: infectedalex

    1. 5
    CKWebSpeech Voice to Text
    CKWebSpeech dictation is a tool with 32 languages ​​and cultures 62 variants capable of clearly voice to text processing with the aid of a microphone...
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  • Image Uploader

    Author: CoursesWeb

    1. 5
    Image Uploader
    Free PHP script that can be used to upload image files on server, with CKEditor, and use them automatically in the editor's contents.
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  • Image Browse

    Author: CoursesWeb

    1. 5
    Image Browse
    The imgbrowse CKEditor plugin allows images on the server to be browsed and picked for inclusion into the editor's contents, using Ajax and PHP.
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  • Lightbox

    Author: zoom3k

    1. 0
    Plugin for easy inserting and editing Lightbox gallery. It works similarly to the Link plugin. Usage Download source files and place them...
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  • CKEditor Bootstrap Advanced Blocks

    Author: doksoft

    1. 3
    CKEditor Bootstrap Advanced Blocks
    Highligts the blocks with showing Bootstrap layout options and helps you to modify structure of Bootstrap's markup. This plugin is a core of...

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