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guideTrack changes

This feature enables the track changes mode (also known as the “suggestion mode”) in the CKEditor 5.

In this mode, changes done by users are marked in the content and shown as suggestions in the sidebar.

Preview of track changes user interface in CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor

Suggestions can be accepted or discarded by the users. The suggestion balloon is then closed and the change is no longer marked.

# Use with real-time collaboration

Track changes is fully compatible with real-time collaborative editing. You can allow the users to collaborate on documents while maintaining complete control over the content creation process.

Different levels of permissions are also supported during real-time collaboration. For example, some authors can operate in the editing mode while others are in suggestion mode with track changes.

# Use as a standalone plugin

Track changes does not require real-time collaboration to work. If you prefer a more traditional approach toward asynchronous document editing, track changes can be added to CKEditor 5 just like any other plugin.

The track changes API allows you to save all changes to your servers.

The track changes feature is currently under development and will be delivered soon. The first version will allow the tracking of typing, deleting, splitting and merging blocks. The presented image is a preview of the track changes user interface and is subject to change.
Please contact us if you want to learn more about this feature or become an early adopter!