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guideBrowser compatibility

# Desktop environment

CKEditor 5 is currently supported in the following desktop browsers:

  • Full support (see notes below):
    • Chrome (latest stable release).
    • Firefox (latest stable release).
    • Safari (latest stable release).
    • Opera (latest stable release).
    • Electron (latest stable release).
  • Good support:
    • Edge (latest stable release). Known issues:
      • Minor issues with selection: 1, 2.
      • The editor becomes unstable when F12 developer tools are enabled.

Not supported yet:

# Mobile environment

CKEditor 5 is currently supported in the following mobile environments:

  • Android (all vendor-supported versions)
  • iOS (all vendor-supported versions)
  • Android WebView
  • iOS WebView (UIWebView and WKWebView)

# Quality assurance

To ensure the highest quality, we maintain a complete test suite with a stable 100% of code coverage for each of the packages. As of October 2018, this means over 9600 tests and the number is growing.

Such an extensive test suite requires a proper continuous integration service. We use Travis CI as a build platform and BrowserStack to be able to run tests on all browsers. These services ensure seamless and fast developer experience and allow us to focus on the job.