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guideBugs and New Features

The following article contains tips about reporting CKEditor 4 issues and proposing new features.

# How Do I Report CKEditor 4 Bugs?

The Reporting Issues article contains all the information about reporting CKEditor 4 issues.

# How Do I Request New CKEditor 4 Features?

If you feel there is an interesting feature missing in CKEditor 4, go to our GitHub issues page and file a new issue.

Please make sure you read the Issues Tracker Site article beforehand in order to make it easier for the developers to examine the issue. It is also recommended to start from a search at the CKEditor Add-ons Repository to see whether the proposed functionality has not been implemented yet and offered as a plugin, either an official one or a community-provided add-on.

When submitting a new ticket, feel free to attach your code suggestions or patches that can serve as a prototype for the requested feature.

You are also most welcome to propose code changes with pull requests submitted to the official ckeditor4 repository. Do note that your code should meet some minimum requirements for code style or included tests, so please refer to the Contributing Code article for more information.