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CKFinder for PHP released

CKFinder for PHP released

We would like to announce that CKFinder for PHP has just been released. This is a maintenance release that brings updates to localizations and third-party libraries. We have also added support for Laravel 7 and Symfony 5 in their official CKFinder integration packages.

# Updated libraries

CKFinder for PHP uses a few well-known third-party libraries that evolve and are constantly being improved. To mention a few:

All the dependencies have been updated to their newest versions to make sure that CKFinder works without issues in any modern PHP application.

# Laravel and Symfony integrations

CKFinder’s official packages for Laravel and for Symfony have been updated, too.

From now, you can comfortably integrate the best file manager for CKEditor in the newest versions of the two most popular PHP frameworks: Laravel 7 and Symfony 5.

# Localization updates

CKFinder includes updates to the following localizations: Bosnian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

We would like to thank all contributors who helped us translate the CKFinder user interface — both the CKFinder team and the end-users are really grateful for your help!

The CKFinder localization process goes through a dedicated GitHub repository, so if you would like to help us translate CKFinder into your native language (and get a free license, too!), it will be most appreciated.

# Changelog

See the release notes for a full list of changes.

# Download

Download CKFinder now!

Also available as a CKFinder 3 Symfony bundle and CKFinder 3 Laravel package.

# Reporting issues and feature requests

If you miss anything in CKFinder, have ideas on how the best file uploader for CKEditor could be improved, or found a bug, please do not hesitate to report an issue in the CKFinder issue tracker. The tracker is public, so not only can you submit your ideas, but you can also browse existing issues and add your comments there.

# Support

All CKFinder licenses come with a year of dedicated support straight from core CKFinder developers. You can also refer to StackOverflow for community support

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