You should visit the Features page. It will show the editor’s full potential. Check the CKEditor SDK for further developer resources and feature showcases.

Use the CKBuilder to get an idea of what CKEditor is capable of. It lets you add and remove any of the available features.

Also, the editor is highly configurable. Check its extensive developer documentation to see how it can be customized.

CKEditor has lots of features, for all needs. It can be easily customized with CKBuilder. It lets you select only the WYSIWYG features you want, making it the ideal HTML editor for professionals who want a powerful web application or users who need a simple online text editor.

CKEditor has been extensively peer reviewed and tested as an Open Source application for over 10 years. As a result it is constantly evolving. Unlike most other editors, CKSource, the core team maintaining CKEditor, has an extensive list of customers who constantly demand updates and improvements. This makes it an excellent choice for users who want to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the internet.

The editor has arguably the best copy/pasting faithfulness from Microsoft Word documents – it is often chosen for this particular quality. Furthermore, it has full accessibility. It complies with all W3C and Section 508 standards, giving people with disabilities the freedom to use the application without restrictions. It’s the first-choice HTML editor for companies like Oracle, IBM, Adobe and many more.

CKEditor is supported on various CMS platforms – too many to enumerate. Ask your CMS provider for available CKEditor integration options.

Yes, CKEditor CDN is hosted by Amazon CloudFront. It can be safely used on sites using SSL.

The CKEditor core team doesn’t work on MediaWiki integrations, but third-party solutions are constantly being released for it.

SCAYT and WebSpellChecker are third-party plugins. If you have questions about removing SpellChecker ads, locally hosting custom dictionaries or would like to inquire about any other issue, please contact CKSource

CKEditor is a browser-based HTML text editor with a WYSIWYG interface. It is not an application you install on a computer. It’s an application you integrate to websites. The correct question is: “Which browsers are compatible with CKEditor?”

All popular browsers are supported, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Please note that as of CKEditor 4.0 Internet Explorer 6.0 will not be supported. CKEditor 4.1.3 is the last version to support Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6.

The latest version of Safari is actively supported. Earlier versions may have compatibility issues.

CKEditor supports mobile versions of Safari (default browser on iPhone and iPad) and Chrome (available for Android and preinstalled on many Android devices) with minor issues related to platform limitations.

Full mobile support will be introduced in CKEditor 5. We aim to have perfect CKEditor support for most popular mobile platforms, so if you encountered an issue on not yet supported environment please report it on our development site.

Third-party integrations are widely available online.


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