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CKEditor 5 Startup Program

Have a startup project in which you would like to integrate the perfect rich text editor? CKEditor 5 has got you covered.

Why we help startups sprout 🌱

Being an innovator in our field, we started as an Open Source project. We understand the struggles of being a startup and we care a lot for supporting the promising projects.

What are the benefits we offer

Free plans for the development phase for the teams that do not require support.

Vast documentation full of samples, tutorials, demos, videos and how-tos.

Flexible support plans if you expect to need our assistance.

Excluding your freemium part of the business from billing.

Licensing system that works in line with your business model during incubation and production phases.

Monthly or annual billing plans.

Fully operational, unrestricted and commitment free trial plans for our premium features such as Collaboration, Easy Image, CKEditor 4 Spreadsheets.

Interested? Before you apply please make sure:

The free for Open Source program or our free and standard plans (which are perfect for projects in their early stages) do not meet your needs. You can always upgrade your plan.

You understand that the Startup Program is part of our flexible plan.

You understand that the CKEditor 5 Startup program is not a free offer (with the exception of deployment offer without support) and you are ready to make an investment decision.

There is an established company (business entity) behind your project.

You contact us with your company email address. Applications sent from personal email addresses (like Gmail, Yahoo etc.) will not be considered.

You do not have more than $2 million in funding.

Your company is not older than 3 years.

Let’s sprout your startup with CKEditor 5 🌿

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