CKEditor partnered with WebSpellChecker to provide a variety of spell checking and proofreading tools.


Available for CKEditor 5 and CKEditor 4

The ultimate proofreading tool.

It combines the functionality of "spell check as you type" and "spell check in a dialog" in a new beautiful UI.

Distraction-free badge with access to proofreading suggestions and settings.

Spelling and grammar suggestions available on hover with no clicking needed.

Universally accessible, with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliance.

Spell Check As You Type

Available for CKEditor 4

Underline spelling and grammar mistakes immediately as the user is typing.

Provide correction suggestions for marked words on right-click.

Natively integrated with CKEditor context menu.

Can be enabled manually or turned on automatically on editor startup.


Create company-wide dictionaries to include the correct spelling of your brand, products, employees and company vocabulary.

Grammar checker

Intelligent recognition of the sentence-level mistakes for 15 languages. Offers clever context-based correction suggestions.


Specialized medical and legal dictionaries are available in British and American English as well as French.

168 languages available

17 languages supported by default with additional ones on demand.

American EnglishPortugueseItalianBritish EnglishGreekSwedishCanadian EnglishDanishDutchCanadian FrenchSpanishFinnishFrenchBrazilian PortugueseNorwegian BokmalGermanUkrainian
Spell checkingGrammar checking

If your audience speaks other languages, take a look at the selection of dictionaries which can be purchased additionally.

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