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In need of a customizable collaborative writing solution that can empower your institution in the age of fast-progressing digital transformation? CKEditor 5 is the answer

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CKEditor 5 - Future-proof content creation

You might already know us from CKEditor 4. Over the years it was implemented by numerous governmental entities around the globe into their software. It proved to be a real game changer, helping institutions and organizations of all sorts to improve the quality of their work and meet the official requirements. But unfortunately, CKEditor 4 is closing on its end-of-support date in 2023.

This is where CKEditor 5, a modern writing solution that will truly reform your user experience comes in. The new customizable editor comes with all that CKEditor 4 offers and more. Migrate to CKEditor 5 and reap all the benefits of our collaborative writing solution.

CKEditor 5 with the Revision History, Track changes and Comments Features turned on. We can see editor with highlighted content on the left and comments column on the right. Comments are conntected to highlighted text in editor.
Chris Bullock - CEO & Co-founder of ClearGov

“We’ve got hundreds of local governments now building and publishing their budget books utilizing CKEditor. So I think the tangible result is that millions of citizens have better access to their governments’ finances in a more digestible format.”

Chris Bullock
CEO & Co-founder

Write, collaborate, innovate

With CKEditor 5, every application can become an online collaboration software. Boost your productivity and streamline the workflows with our transformational features:

  • Track changes. Gain access to a full audit trail of your users’ activity
  • Revision History. Create, view, compare, and restore document versions, and protect yourself from losing important data
  • Comments. Exchange notes on content, creating discussion threads and @mentioning your collaborators
  • Real-time collaborative editing for documents. Allow your users to write and edit content simultanously
  • Cloud vs. on-premises. Choose where to save your data among our ready-to-use backend data options
  • Comment-only mode. Restrict your users’ permission roles to gain even better control over content editing
Three comments in frames suggesting some changes in the text. For example there's a suggestion to replace one date with another.

Features your users will love

CKEditor 5 contains several productivity enhancements and document editing features that will make content writing so much easier, including but not limited to:

  • Autoformatting, autosave and automatic text transformation
  • Accessible features like keyboard support
  • Paste from Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Export to PDF and Word
  • Spell and grammar check
  • Tables and table tools
  • Image and file management
Input field with typed '@a' and on the bottom of the element there's a list with users which names are starting with letter A

Why choose CKEditor 5?

  • Single vendor to provide a complete software solution, eliminating the need for external writing tools, storing long paper trails of documents, and emailing files back and forth
  • Flexible licensing (term-based, perpetual, production phase)
  • Easy customization with online builder or ready-to-use editor builds
  • Technical support, with a variety of models available (hotline, screen sharing, project meetings, and response time commitment)
  • Native integrations with popular frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js
Hexagonal shape with CKEditor 5's logo. Logo has lines to another smaller shapes in which we can find for example video or picture. It is suggesting that CKEditor is not only the editor. You can work with the various files like i.e. images or videos

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