Increasing global recognition

In 2019 CKSource, the company behind CKEditor, launched a promotional campaign co-financed by the European Union funds under the Go to Brand programme. The focus of the campaign is to increase the adoption of CKEditor Collaboration Features on global markets and we plan to present our innovative collaboration products during 7 major IT events organized around the world. Meet us there to learn more about our products!


The Go to Brand programme aims to support Polish brands in promoting their products and services not only in Europe, but around the world. CKSource representatives will visit 7 global IT events in North America, the Middle East and Europe, which will help expand the brand reach to prospective international markets as per the company expansion strategy.

In particular, the campaign aims to:

  • Increase brand recognition in international markets.
  • Make the innovative products created by CKSource more popular.
  • Sign deals with new partners from global markets.
  • Increase the company's revenue from export.


Project name:
"The expansion of the Polish brand CKEditor Collaboration Features to international markets, especially to North America and the Middle East"

Project value:
604.907,41 PLN

EU funding:
425.068,42 PLN

05.04.2019 - 31.12.2022

Grant agreement no:

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, priority axis III Support for innovation in enterprises, under measure 3.3 Support of promotion and internationalization of innovative companies, sub-measure 3.3.3. Support for SME in promoting own brands – Go to Brand.


We are looking forward to meeting you at the events listed below. Contact us to get in touch and schedule a meeting! Visit the dedicated event pages for more information and materials from the events. Follow our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for news.

The DCX Digital Content Expo is a global event media operators, publishers and content strategists. The event focuses on Content Creation, Content Distribution and Content Monetization as the publishers trendsetting topics.

FinTech Connect is where large teams from major financial institutions go to make informed buying decisions on the latest innovations on the market, and where fintechs come to accelerate dialogues with digital buyers with responsibility across digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain.

CKEditor on FinTech

For 40 years, the Future of Education Technology® Conference has gathered the most dynamic and creative education professionals from around the world for an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices and pressing issues. Its impact has been felt by thousands of districts, schools, educators — and ultimately students.

CKEditor on FETC

The most important week in the annual tech calendar, GITEX Global is a must-attend, world-class event located in Dubai. This is where the world’s technology leaders, enterprises and startups come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens.

Once a year, 15.000+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs come together for the SaaStr Annual, the largest non-vendor SaaS conference on the planet. With the biggest concentration of C-Level Executives in the world, the conference is where Cloud business leaders meet to discuss future trends, share their experience, network and find new opportunities.

CKEditor on SaaStr Annual


CKEditor is an easy to implement, innovative online writing tool with image upload and file management features. The powerful and fully customizable structure of CKEditor 5 can provide any rich-text editing solution imaginable for any web application.

On top of that, CKEditor Collaboration Features allow you to optimize your content workflow by combining content creation and feedback processes within a single instance of the editor. This creates a productive writing environment that will allow your users to stay within your software without any distractions caused by changing between different applications.

CKEditor Comments

Allows users to have a quick discussion with collaborators and exchange notes on the content. You can add, delete or edit comments, reply, create threads, @mention users. Learn more...

CKEditor Track Changes

Suggest, accept and reject changes in the content by easily switching between suggestion and editing mode. Accept and decline all or selected changes with just a click. Learn more...

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