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problems with destroy ckeditor instance
Hello all,

I posted a while ago a topic about a problem in ckeditor. That problem is fixed. But i got again a problem with loading ckeditor.
When i destroy the editor and read out the instance, ckeditor exists for some reason :(
On click a thickbox will be loaded and in AJAX the variables will get from the database. I destroy always(when i close a thickbox) the instance of the editor.
I have a live demo. Please send me a pm so i can give you access + link to the demo.

Could it be posible that ckeditor got a bug in the destroy function?
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Re: problems with destroy ckeditor instance
Could be...

Please file a bug report in http://dev.fckeditor.net with preferrably with minimum sample code that makes CKEditor misbehave in a zip file.