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can't upload images

I've been trying to configure fckeditor to uplaod image without success :(

I try it on my local server but it seems that upload is not working.

Here is my file organisation:
<file> index.php
<dir> fckeditor
<dir> images <dir>fiches

And now my script configuration:

<form method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data">
$oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor('FCKeditor1') ;
$oFCKeditor->BasePath = './fckeditor/' ;
$oFCKeditor->Value = '<p>This is some <strong>sample text</strong>. You are using <a href="">FCKeditor</a>.</p>' ;
$oFCKeditor->ImageBrowser = true;
$oFCKeditor->ImageBrowserURL = './images/fiches/';
$oFCKeditor->ImageUpload = true;
$oFCKeditor->ImageUploadURL = './images/fiches/';
$oFCKeditor->Create() ;
<input type="submit" value="envoyer">

When I try to upload an image, nothing happens after I click the upload image button.
If I try to use the file browser button I receive the following error: "This connector is disabled, Please check editor/filemanager/php/config.php file"

What Do I need to change to make it work ??

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Re: can't upload images
First of all, don't use:
$oFCKeditor->ImageBrowser = true;

to change configuration options other that:
      $this->BasePath      = '/fckeditor/' ;
      $this->Width      = '100%' ;
      $this->Height      = '200' ;
      $this->ToolbarSet   = 'Default' ;
      $this->Value      = '' ;

because it will not work.
Use Config array:

$oFCKeditor->ImageBrowserURL = './images/fiches/';

seems to be wrong, take a look at fckconfig.js to see how the path should look like.

And finally the answer to your question:
open editor\filemanager\connectors\php\config.php and adjust it to your needs (at least change $Config['Enabled'] setting).

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