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How to customize toolbar

Just downloaded CKEditor 4 and can't figure out how to customize the toolbar. Used to be easy in CK3. Trying to use config.removeButtons to remove extra buttons but I can't remove them if I can't tell what their names are. For example, what's the name of  Spell Check As You Type?

Also, how can I adda  text-color button or toolbar to the editor? Can I download this separately and upload it?

And, while I'm here, does anyone else have trouble figuring this whole thing out? I've spent about two hours installing and reinstalling over and over again. 

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Some things have changed in

Some things have changed in CKEditor 4 which is quite an expected turn of events if you want to innovate :) However, have you tried looking at the new documentation and samples before asking?

Here is the new Developer's Guide:!/guide

The "Toolbar" article is located here:!/guide/dev_toolbar

However, for toolbar configuration your best resource is the "Toolbar Configurations" sample that is available in your "samples" folder of CKEditor.

What is most important, though, is that there is no need to download the plugins that you do not need at all. You can simply build a custom CKEditor version with CKBuilder, include just the plugins you want and you will not need to turn anything off after installation.

Installation packages and CKBuilder are described here, among others:


Documentation Manager, CKSource

See CKEditor 4.x docs, CKEditor 3.x docs, CKFinder docs for help. CKEditor general FAQ is useful, too!
Visit the new CKEditor SDK for samples showcasing editor features to try out and download!

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Lord have I tried to read the

Lord have I tried to read the documentation! It might as well be written in Sanskrit. That's why I'm trying to use the old CK Editor. At least it works. The new one doesn't make sense and the documentation is so badly written only you guys can understand it. I've installed it about five times and given up each time. In fact I've just added a post somewhere here that says the new CK Editor doesn't work. I have followed directions slavishly and it doesn't work. Your editor doens't work. Hello? Have you actually tried using your products? They don't work.

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You can pass custom

You can pass custom configuration options by editing the config.js file, it is located in the root folder of CKeditor (in a fresh installation).