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Disable image upload
I want to disable the ability to make new folders and upload images with the Image Browser - but retain the ability to browse and insert existing images.

"FCKConfig.ImageUpload = false" in my fckconfig.js but this only seems to alter the initial dialog. When I click 'Browse Server' I still get a 'New Folder' and 'Upload' bar.

I am using v 2.2

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RE: Disable image upload

You can edit the file itself in the dialog-folder, and remove the html that you danot want to appear.

I dont know if this is the correct way to do it, but i think it is possible.

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RE: Disable image upload
I tried commenting out the form items but it screwed up the javascript...
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RE: Disable image upload
I looked all over the place for a solution to this problem and will post the approach that I took although, be warned that it isn't the most elegant solution around. It is however very simple :)

open file


scroll down to the HTML for the frames setup and look for the line

<frameset rows="50,*,50" framespacing="0">

This line tells the browser to create three rows "50,*,50". these relate to the three sections on the righthand pane of the filebrowser. If we delete the last row it will stop the "upload" and "new folder" settings from appearing on the page. The updated line should now be.

<frameset rows="50,*" framespacing="0">

As I said, this isn't a great solution as it doesn't disable the feature but mearly doesn't show it. Anyone familiar with FKCeditor would easliy be able to workaround this to use/abuse the feature although, it will stop the basic user from uploading and creating folders that you don't want.
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Re: Disable image upload
I have not tested this very much but...

If you edit the following pages and <!-- comment out --> the parts you want to hide in the HTML tables it removes the features from the page so no one can create new folders or upload images.


This is not ideal as it will get overwriten with new versions so please post here if you have a better solution.
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Re: Disable image upload
The 2.5 connector has the possibility to disable the commands that you don't want, but it's only on the server side, so you still need to make the html changes although now nobody will be able to upload anything.