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IE11 issues

The Paragraph Format and Styles don't work as expected. It doesn't matter where the cursor is or what is selected the change always apply to whatever is at the top of the editor window.

I am using IE11 RTM. I did the testing in the demo page.


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First of all, we only support

First of all, we only support stable and officially released browsers. So please check back with the final IE11 version. If these issues still appear, it would be great if you reported them on our Development site as we are only able to track and fix issues reported there. Thank you!

By the way, IE11 support is planned for our CKEditor 4.3 release.

By the way, is your issue the same as described here:

Documentation Manager, CKSource

See CKEditor 4.x docs, CKEditor 3.x docs, CKFinder docs for help. CKEditor general FAQ is useful, too!
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