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Multiple CkEditors on Same Page - Slow Load
I have a C#.Net web page that contains 10 CkEditor fields on it along with a gridview that contains 1 CkEditor field per row. It takes FOREVER to load the page! The gridview is a child gridview that is repopulated each time a record in the parent gridview is selected. When this happens, it does a postback and has to load the page again and takes FOREVER again!

I've configured my CkEditor toolbar to contain a good number of items, but I noticed that when I reduced to the Basic toolbar, it was much faster.

Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to speed up this load. It seems inefficient that the page needs to load 10+ instance of the CkEditor toolbar when all of them are the same.

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Re: Multiple CkEditors on Same Page - Slow Load
Hi Admin,
Can you please suggest any tweak to speed up the multiple CkEditors on the same page. Its really really slow and opens in frames...

Please help,