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Chrome-specific, HTML5-specific bug?
After installing CKEditor, I started being unable to submit my form, but only in Google Chrome. The console debugger shows the error:

An invalid form control with name=[name of textarea here] is not focusable

After researching this, I think the root of the problem is similar to that described here:

Specifically, Silvio's reply on June 17th, 2011, where he says:

There is still this bug in certain case under Google Chrome 12 when having html5 attribute “required” on textarea.

I think this exactly what's happening with my form -- my textarea has an HTML5 required="required" on it, for form validation, but of course, once CKEditor takes over for that textarea, Google Chrome can no longer gain focus for auto-completion, so the form just balks.

Is this something we just have to wait for Google Chrome to fix, or can we address it either by implementing some kind of Javascript solution, and/or filing a CKEditor bug?

Right now, for expediency, I've removed the "required" HTML5 attribute and am relying solely on the server-side to do validation for that field.
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Re: Chrome-specific, HTML5-specific bug?
The bug has been reported and confirmed here. There is no timeline on when it will be fixed. Right now the only option is to remove the required attribute from textarea.

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