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CKEditor 3.1 custom file manager for uploading to database
Hi all

I'm a .net developer and wanting to build a new project

currently i have this project for FCKEditor which supports uploading files to the database

Now... i'm wanting to create a new project for CKEditor, this allows us to upload files to the MySQL DB but having but of trouble of where to plug the links in...
Using server control for CKEditor from viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15882&start=10

I'll list the things i need for porting FCKEditor to CKEditor

1. how to set the z-index of the control...
FCKEditor was... FCKConfig.FloatingPanelsZIndex = 100010 ;

2. change the "Enter" key code snippet...
FCKEditor was... FCKConfig.EnterMode = 'br' ;

3. change the styles for CKEditor...
FCKEditor was.. FCKConfig.StylesXmlPath = FCKConfig.EditorPath

4. create custom toolbar set

I have finished off created the CKEditor version of my existing FCKEditor custom file manager
They are for people who wants to upload files to a database and pass the url back to the editors...
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Re: CKEditor 3.1 custom file manager