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DeletedFile Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DeletedFile:
ExistingFile File

Public Member Functions

 doDelete ()
 isValid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExistingFile
 __construct ($fileName, $folder, ResourceType $resourceType, CKFinder $app)
 getPath ()
 getFilePath ()
 hasValidPath ()
 getResourceType ()
 hasAllowedExtension ()
 isHidden ()
 hasHiddenPath ()
 exists ()
 getContentsStream ()
 getContents ()
 save ($contents, $filePath=null)
 addError (int $number)
 getErrors ()
 deleteThumbnails ()
 deleteResizedImages ()
 getTimestamp ()
 getMimeType ()
 getSize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from File
 __construct ($fileName, CKFinder $app)
 hasValidFilename ()
 getFilename ()
 getExtension ()
 getExtensions ($newFileName=null)
 autorename (Backend $backend=null, $path='')
 isImage ()
 getCache ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from File
static isValidName ($fileName, $disallowUnsafeCharacters=true)
static secureName ($fileName, $disallowUnsafeCharacters=true, $forceAscii=false)
static convertToAscii ($str)
- Public Attributes inherited from File
- Protected Attributes inherited from ExistingFile
 $errors = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from File

Detailed Description

The DeletedFile class.

Represents the deleted file.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doDelete()

doDelete ( )

Deletes the current file.

bool true if the file was deleted successfully


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