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guideMigration to CKEditor 5 v28.0.0

For the entire list of changes introduced in version 28.0.0, see the changelog for CKEditor 5 v28.0.0.

Listed below are the most important changes that require your attention when upgrading to CKEditor 5 v28.0.0.

# Imports from index files of non-DLL core packages

Starting from v26.0.0, you could use the src/index.js files present in all packages to simplify the import rules.

However, prior to v28.0.0, in some packages, the src/index.js file was exporting one object instead of multiple tokens, so the import rule looked as shown:

// Importing the default export.
import BasicStyles from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-basic-styles/src/index';

// And destructuring plugins from the module.
const { Bold, Italic } = BasicStyles;

Starting from v28.0.0, all the packages use multiple exports so you can import the plugins directly:

import { Bold, Italic } from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-basic-styles/src/index';

The list of affected packages: