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guideIntegrating CKEditor 5 with JavaScript frameworks

# Is CKEditor 5 compatible with framework XYZ?

Yes. CKEditor 5 is compatible with every JavaScript framework that we have heard of so far. CKEditor 5 is a JavaScript rich text editing component (a pretty complex one but still) and it does not require any uncommon techniques or technologies to be used. Therefore, unless the framework that you use has very not typical limitations, CKEditor 5 is compatible with it.

How do I use CKEditor 5 with my framework?

While CKEditor 5 is compatible with your framework and initializing it requires a single method call, integrating CKEditor 5 with your framework may require using an existing or writing a new adapter (integration layer) that will communicate your framework with CKEditor 5.

When checking how to integrate CKEditor 5 with your framework you can follow these steps:

  1. Check whether an official integration exists.

    There are three official integrations so far: for React, Angular 2+, and for Vue.js.

  2. If not, search for community-driven integrations. Most of them are available on npm.

  3. If none exists, integrate CKEditor 5 with your framework by yourself.

    CKEditor 5 offers ready-to-use builds that expose a rich JavaScript API which you can use to create editors and control them.

# Official WYSIWYG editor integrations

There are three official integrations so far:

Refer to their documentation to learn how to use them.

We plan to provide more integrations with time. We would like to hear your ideas what we should work on next.

# Compatibility with Electron

Starting from version 11.0.0 CKEditor 5 is compatible with Electron. Using CKEditor 5 in Electron applications does not require any additional steps.

Check out a sweet screencast of CKEditor 5 with real-time collaborative editing in Electron.

# Compatibility with Bootstrap

In order to display CKEditor 5 inside Bootstrap modals you need to proceed as follows:

  • Configure the z-index of CKEditor 5 floating balloons so they are displayed above the Bootstrap overlay.
  • Configure Bootstrap to not steal focus from rich text editor fields.

The above can be ensured by adding this CSS:

    You need to add this custom CSS property to the body instead of :root
    because of CSS specificity.
body {
    --ck-z-default: 100;
    --ck-z-modal: calc( var(--ck-z-default) + 999 );

    Override Bootstrap's CSS.
    Note: This will not be necessary once the following issue is fixed and released:
*/ {
    -webkit-appearance: none;

And passing the focus: false option to Boostrap’s modal() function:

$( '#modal-container' ).modal( {
    focus: false
} );

Check out the demo on