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guideDrag and drop

The drag and drop feature brings support for dragging and dropping textual content as well as block objects (like images or tables) within the rich-text editor. It also allows for dropping HTML and plain text content from outside of the editor into CKEditor 5.

This feature is implemented by the DragDrop plugin which is a part of the Clipboard feature.

See the screencast below for what you can expect from drag and drop support of text and blocks in CKEditor 5. Use the demo below to play with dragging content from outside the editor into a document.

A screencast of drag and drop of text and blocks in CKEditor 5.

# Demo

The sample below allows you to drag contacts from the list to the editor below. They are inserted into the editor as custom widgets representing the h-card microformat.

List of contacts

    The Annual Meeting of Fictional Characters


    It is with great pleasure that we hereby announce the theme of this year's meeting is "E–ink Technology and Classical Fairy Tales". As every year, the event will be hosted in The Wonderland by Alice +20 4345 234 235 and starts tomorrow at 8:00 GMT.

    Speakers and agenda



    For detailed information, please contact Huckleberry Finn +48 1345 234 235.


    Many thanks to Robinson Crusoe +45 2345 234 235 who kindly offered his island to the guests of the annual meeting.

    Little Red Riding Hood +45 2345 234 235


    The source code of the above snippet is available here: drag-drop.js, drag-drop.html.

    CKEditor 5 supports dropping images from the file system thanks to the image upload feature.

    # Installation

    This feature is required by the clipboard plugin and is enabled by default in all official builds. These installation instructions are for developers interested in building their own custom rich-text editor.

    To add this feature to your rich-text editor, install the @ckeditor/ckeditor5-clipboard package:

    npm install --save @ckeditor/ckeditor5-clipboard

    Then add the Clipboard plugin to your plugin list:

    import Clipboard from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-clipboard/src/clipboard';
        .create( document.querySelector( '#editor' ), {
            plugins: [ Clipboard, Bold, ... ]
        } )
        .then( ... )
        .catch( ... );

    The DragDrop plugin will activate along with the clipboard plugin.

    # Known issues

    At the moment, the drag and drop feature supports textual content as well as widgets. Bringing support for any types of blocks is tracked in issue #7731. If you would like to see this feature implemented, make sure you add a 👍   to the issue on GitHub.