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guideInstalling CKEditor 5

Learn how to install CKEditor 5 from scratch or using predefined builds. Integrate CKEditor 5 with your software, keep it updated and find out hot you can help developing it.

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# Predefined CKEditor 5 builds

Predefined CKEditor 5 builds are ready-to-use installations aimed at specific needs that you can simply download and use out of the box. Learn more about the available predefined builds and choosing the right one for you. This is the fastest way to kick-off you CKEditor 5 installation.

# CKEditor 5 online builder

The online builder is an installation tool that lets you download custom-made CKEditor 5 builds. It allows you to create your own, customized packages with a different set of plugins in a few easy steps, through a simple and intuitive UI.

# Installing CKEditor 5 from scratch

Learn to install the editor from scratch, configure it, and secure. Find out how to handle and save the data and what the features’ HTML output is for each plugin.

# Migrating from CKEditor 4 and updating previous versions

Refer to the CKEditor 4 migration guide or other migration guides if you are updating your CKEditor 5 installation.

# Frameworks integration

Get to know the supported integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks and learn to utilize them and to integrate CKEditor 5 with you software.

# CKEditor 5 development

Find out more about the plugin development, learn to create custom builds and keep your CKEditor 5 updated on the go with the DLL webpack solution.

  • Examples – Try live demos of all available builds.
  • Features – Learn about some of the features included in CKEditor 5 builds.