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guideRead-only support

The editor can be set into a read-only mode by changing the value of the Editor#isReadOnly property.

The read-only mode may have several applications. It may be used to impose user-based access restriction, where a selected user or a group of users is only allowed to access the content for evaluation purposes but not change it.

The feature may also be used to view content that should not be edited, like financial reports, software logs or reprinted stories. While not editable, this content will still be accessible for copying or for screen readers.

See also the restricted editing feature that lets you define which parts of a document can be editable for a group of users with limited editing rights, leaving the rest of the content non-editable to them.

# Demo

Use the demo below to toggle between editing modes and test the feature.

The sales data for Q3 for the Click'n'go product line

  Income Revenue
Walker 3 $104.000 15%
Stroller $12.000 10%
Runner $97.500 15%

There are more features that help control user permissions in the WYSIWYG editor:

  • Restricted editing – Define editable areas of the document for users with restricted editing rights.
  • Track changes – User changes are marked in the content and shown as suggestions in the sidebar for acceptance or rejection.
  • Comments – Users can add comments to any part of the content instead of editing it directly.