LinkDecoratorManualDefinition (link)



Describes a manual link decorator. This decorator type is represented in the link feature's user interface as a switch that the user can use to control the presence of a predefined set of attributes.

For instance, to allow the users to manually control the presence of the target="_blank" and rel="noopener noreferrer" attributes on specific links, the decorator could look as follows:

	mode: 'manual',
	label: 'Open in a new tab',
	defaultValue: true,
	attributes: {
		target: '_blank',
		rel: 'noopener noreferrer'



  • attributes : Object

    Key-value pairs used as link attributes added to the output during the downcasting. Attributes should follow the ElementDefinition syntax.

  • defaultValue : Boolean

    Controls whether the decorator is "on" by default.

  • label : String

    The label of the UI button that the user can use to control the presence of link attributes.

  • mode : 'manual'

    Link decorator type. It is 'manual' for all manual decorators.