LinkDecoratorAutomaticDefinition (link)



Describes an automatic link decorator. This decorator type matches all links in the editor content against a function that decides whether the link should receive a pre–defined set of attributes.

It takes an object with key-value pairs of attributes and a callback function that must return a Boolean value based on the link's href (URL). When the callback returns true, attributes are applied to the link.

For example, to add the target="_blank" attribute to all links in the editor starting with http://, the configuration could look like this:

	mode: 'automatic',
	callback: url => url.startsWith( 'http://' ),
	attributes: {
		target: '_blank'

Note: Since the target attribute management for external links is a common use case, there is a predefined automatic decorator dedicated for that purpose that can be enabled by turning a single option on. Check out the config.link.addTargetToExternalLinks configuration description to learn more.



  • attributes : Object

    Key-value pairs used as link attributes added to the output during the downcasting. Attributes should follow the ElementDefinition syntax.

  • callback : function

    Takes a url as a parameter and returns true if the attributes should be applied to the link.

  • mode : 'automatic'

    Link decorator type. It is 'automatic' for all automatic decorators.