ImageStyleFormat (image/imagestyle)



The image style format descriptor.

import fullSizeIcon from 'path/to/icon.svg';

const imageStyleFormat = {
	name: 'fullSize',
	icon: fullSizeIcon,
	title: 'Full size image',
	className: 'image-full-size'



  • className : String

    The CSS class used to represent the style in the view.

  • icon : String

    One of the following to be used when creating the style's button:

    • An SVG icon source (as an XML string).
    • One of defaultIcons to use a default icon provided by the plugin.
  • isDefault : Boolean

    When set, the style will be used as the default one. A default style does not apply any CSS class to the view element.

  • name : String

    The unique name of the style. It will be used to:

    • Store the chosen style in the model by setting the imageStyle attribute of the <image> element.
    • As a value of the imageStyle command,
    • when registering a button for each of the styles ('imageStyle:{name}') in the UI components factory (this functionality is provided by the ImageStyleUI plugin).
  • title : String

    The style's title.