CKEditor Ecosystem Documentation

CKEditor Ecosystem Documentation

Samples, tutorials, developer guides, functionality overview, deep dive into architecture, API reference.

CKEditor 5

A powerful WYSIWYG framework delivering a fully customizable editing experience.

  • Getting started with CKEditor 5Choose the right rich-text editor for your needs, install it and configure properly.
  • FeaturesGet to know a plethora of features for creating rich content, editing it, and collaborating on it.
  • ExamplesSee working implementations of different editor builds and features in action.
  • UpdatingKeep your CKEditor 5 installation up-to-date and safe at all times.
  • SupportNeed help? Start here and learn how to get answers and support.
  • CKEditor 5 FrameworkLearn about the framework for creating custom-tailored rich-text editing solutions.
  • API referenceRead the detailed developer API documentation.

CKEditor Cloud Services

Cloud platform with editing features and real-time collaboration services.

  • GuidesAn overview and details covering all aspects of CKEditor Cloud Services.
  • Collaboration Server On-PremisesThe on-premises version is an application that can be installed and run on your in-house servers and computing infrastructure, including a private cloud.
  • Export to PDFA service that allows you to generate a PDF file directly from CKEditor 5 or 4.
  • Export to WordA service that allows you to generate an editable .docx file directly from CKEditor 5.
  • ExamplesLearn how to implement the cloud services and their features on working examples.


Enrich CKEditor with image uploads.

  • Developer’s guideFind out how to install, integrate, configure and develop for CKFinder.
  • ExamplesCheck CKFinder 3 features in working samples.

Premium features

Dedicated premium features for special tasks that expand the functionality offered by CKEditor 5.

  • CommentsCollaborate with peers by commenting any part of the rich text content.
  • Track changesSuggest changes to the content and easily accept or decline the introduced suggestions.
  • Real-time collaborationCollaboratively edit, comment and suggest changes to your content in real-time.
  • Revision historyCreate and view a chronological revision history of your content using document versioning.
  • Export to PDFGenerate a PDF file directly from the CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor content.
  • Export to WordGenerate an editable .docx file directly from the CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor content.
  • PaginationSee where page breaks would be after the document is exported to PDF or to Word.
  • Spelling and grammar checkingA multi-language proofreading tool that offers spelling, punctuation and grammar suggestions on the go.

Premium features free trial

CKEditor 4

Battle-tested WYSIWYG editor with many features and legacy compatibility.

  • Developer's guideLearn how to install, integrate, configure and develop for CKEditor 4.
  • FeaturesGet to know the various features provided by CKEditor 4.
  • ExamplesSee the CKEditor 4 implementations in action.
  • API referenceRead the detailed developer API documentation.
  • Accessibility CheckerTry our dedicated content accessibility checking tool.

Additional documentation

Other products and legacy documentation.

  • LettersReady-to-use, distraction-free, real-time collaborative editor based on CKEditor 5.
  • Old documentation siteThe legacy documentation site for earlier versions of our products.