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CKEditor 5 will be in Cologne! 🏰

We are going to be in Cologne on November 16, 2021 for Digitale Leute Summit 2021, to present CKEditor 5, and Collaboration Features among other exhibitors.

Digitale Leute Summit is a yearly event that brings 1500+ attendees, and 40+ international speakers together in talks, panels, masterclasses, and interviews with a focus on building, launching, and scaling software products. Attendees will get to hear from and meet people representing diverse professional backgrounds including product managers, UX designers, and more.

Find us at the exhibition

We are going to be at the expo at booth #6 to tell you how CKEditor 5 works, what are its Collaboration Features and how CKEditor 5 can help your business grow easily - by enabling fast and efficient content creation solutions.

You can also schedule a meeting with us ahead of time to escape the crowds.

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Meet our #DLSummit team


Piotr Maciejewski

Head of Marketing


Rafał Stalewski

Head of Sales

CKEditor 5

We are going to showcase CKEditor 5 and its unique, market-leading features at Digitale Leute 2021.

CKEditor 5 is an easy-to-implement, innovative online content creation tool with image upload and file management features. The powerful and fully customizable structure of CKEditor 5 will provide any rich-text editing solution imaginable for any web application with its countless free as well as premium features.

CKEditor 5 and its premium features like Collaboration, Export to PDF and Word and Revision History, allow you to optimize your content workflow by combining content creation and feedback processes within a single instance of the editor. This creates a productive writing environment that will allow your users to stay within your application without any distractions caused by switching between different applications.


Allows users to have a quick discussion with collaborators and exchange notes on the content. You can add, delete or edit comments, as well as reply, create threads, and @mention users.

Track changes

Suggest, accept and reject changes in the content by easily switching between suggestion and editing mode. Accept and decline all or selected changes with just a click.

Real-time collaborative editing

This feature allows users to write, select, edit, suggest, and comment with their collaborators at the same time. As well as see their collaborators with the user presence list.

Revision History

Create, view, compare and restore document versions in CKEditor 5. Its preview mode allows you to view a chronological version history of the content where you can select and compare versions, navigate between changes, and restore earlier versions.

Export to PDF and Word

Export to PDF and Word features give you the ability to convert your content into portable documents with a single click. Conversion preserves styling, so the exported file looks the same as your original content.

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