New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #515: [Chrome] Fixed: Mouse actions on CKEditor scrollbar throw an exception when the Table Selection plugin is loaded.
  • #493: Fixed: Selection started from a nested table causes an error in the browser while scrolling down.
  • #415: [Firefox] Fixed: Enter key breaks the table structure when pressed in a table selection.
  • #457: Fixed: Error thrown when deleting content from the editor with no selection.
  • #478: [Chrome] Fixed: Error thrown by the Enter Key plugin when pressing Enter with no selection.
  • #424: Fixed: Error thrown by Tab Key Handling and Indent List plugins when pressing Tab with no selection in inline editor.
  • #476: Fixed: Anchors inserted with the Link plugin on collapsed selection cannot be edited.
  • #417: Fixed: The Table Resize plugin throws an error when used with a table with only header or footer rows.
  • #523: Fixed: The editor.getCommandKeystroke method does not obtain the correct keystroke.
  • #534: [IE] Fixed: Paste from Word does not work in Quirks Mode.
  • #450: Fixed: CKEDITOR.filter incorrectly transforms the margin CSS property.
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