New Features:

  • #13632: Introduce error logging mechanism.
  • #13730: Switch to the new error logging mechanism.

Fixed Issues:

  • #9856: Fixed: Cannot use the native context menu together with the Div Editing Area plugin. Thanks to Mark Wade!
  • #12733: [IE9+] Fixed: Radio button onChange does not work. Thanks to Iliya Kostadinov!
  • #13142: [Edge] Fixed: Ctrl+A and then Backspace result in an empty <div> element.
  • #13599: Fixed: Cross-editor drag and drop of an inline widget results in error/artifacts.
  • #13640: [IE] Fixed: Dropping a widget outside the <body> element is not handled correctly.
  • #13533: Fixed: No progress during upload.
  • #13680: Fixed: The parser should allow the <h1-6> element to be a child of the <summary> element.
  • #11724: [Touch devices] Fixed: Drop-downs often hide right after opening them.
  • #13690: Fixed: Copying content from IE to Chrome adds an extra paragraph.
  • #13284: Fixed: Cannot drag and drop a widget if the text caret is placed just after the widget instance.
  • #13516: Fixed: CKEditor removes empty HTML5 anchors without the name attribute.
  • #13765: [Safari 9] Fixed: Problems with rendering samples.

Other Changes:

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