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Fixed Issues:

  • #13609: [Edge] Fixed: The browser crashes when switching to the source mode. Thanks to Andrew Williams and Mark Smeed!
  • PR#201: Fixed: Buttons in the toolbar configurator cause form submission. Thanks to colemanw!
  • #13422: Fixed: A monospaced font should be used in the <textarea> element storing editor configuration in the toolbar configurator.
  • #13494: Fixed: Error thrown in the toolbar configurator if plugin requirements are not met.
  • #13409: Fixed: List elements incorrectly merged when pressing Backspace or Delete.
  • #13434: Fixed: Dialog state indicator broken in Right–To–Left environments.
  • #13460: [IE8] Fixed: Copying inline widgets is broken when Advanced Content Filter is disabled.
  • #13495: [Firefox, IE] Fixed: Text is not word-wrapped in the Paste dialog window.
  • #13528: [Firefox@Windows] Fixed: Content copied from Microsoft Word and other external applications is pasted as a plain text. Removed the CKEDITOR.plugins.clipboard.isHtmlInExternalDataTransfer property as the check must be dynamic.
  • #13583: Fixed: DataTransfer.getData() should work consistently in all browsers and should not strip valuable content. Fixed pasting tables from Microsoft Excel on Chrome.
  • #13468: [IE] Fixed: Binding drag&drop dataTransfer does not work if text data was set in the meantime.
  • #13451: [IE8-9] Fixed: One drag&drop operation may affect following ones.
  • #13184: Fixed: Web page reloaded after a drop on editor UI.
  • #13129 Fixed: Block widget blurred after a drop followed by an undo.
  • #13397: Fixed: Drag&drop of a widget inside its nested widget crashes the editor.
  • #13385: Fixed: editor.getSnapshot() may return a non-string value.
  • #13419: Fixed: The Auto Link plugin does not encode double quotes in URLs.
  • #13420: Fixed: The Auto Embed plugin ignores encoded characters in URL parameters.
  • #13410: Fixed: Error thrown in the Auto Embed plugin when undoing right after pasting a link.
  • #13566: Fixed: Suppressed notifications in the Media Embed Base plugin.
  • #11616: [Chrome] Fixed: Resizing the editor while it is not displayed breaks the editable. Fixes also #9160 and#9715.
  • #11376: [IE11] Fixed: Loss of text when pasting bulleted lists from Microsoft Word.
  • #13143: [Edge] Fixed: Focus lost when opening the panel.
  • #13387: [Edge] Fixed: "Permission denied" error thrown when loading the editor with developer tools open.
  • #13574: [Edge] Fixed: "Permission denied" error thrown when opening editor dialog windows.
  • #13441: [Edge] Fixed: The Clipboard plugin breaks the state of Undo commands after a paste.
  • #13554: [Edge] Fixed: Paste dialog's iframe does not receive focus on show.
  • #13440: [Edge] Fixed: Unable to paste a widget.

Other Changes:

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