Fixed Issues:

  • #10750: Fixed: The editor does not escape the font-style family property correctly, removing quotes and whitespace from font names.
  • #14413: Fixed: The Auto Grow plugin with the config.autoGrow_onStartup option set to true does not work properly for an editor that is not visible.
  • #14451: Fixed: Numeric element ID not escaped properly. Thanks to Jakub Chalupa!
  • #14590: Fixed: Additional line break appearing after inline elements when switching modes. Thanks to dpidcock!
  • #14539: Fixed: JAWS reads "selected Blank" instead of "selected " when selecting a widget.
  • #14701: Fixed: More precise labels for Enhanced Image and Placeholder widgets.
  • #14667: [IE] Fixed: Removing background color from selected text removes background color from the whole paragraph.
  • #14252: [IE] Fixed: Styles drop-down list does not always reflect the current style of the text line.
  • #14275: [IE9+] Fixed: onerror and onload events are not used in browsers it could have been used when loading scripts dynamically.
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