Fixed Issues:

  • #11597: [IE11] Fixed: Error thrown when trying to open the preview using the keyboard.
  • #11544Placeholders will no longer be upcasted in parents not accepting <span> elements.
  • #8663: Fixed element.renameNode() not clearing the element.getName() cache.
  • #11574: Fixed: Backspace destroying the DOM structure if an inline editable is placed in a list item.
  • #11603: Fixed: Table Resize attaches to tables outside the editable.
  • #9205#7805#8216: Fixed: {cke_protected_*} appearing in data in various cases where HTML comments are placed next to " or '.
  • #11635: Fixed: Some attributes are not protected before the content is passed through the fix bin.
  • #11660: [IE] Fixed: Table content is lost when some extra markup is inside the table.
  • #11641: Fixed: Switching between modes in the classic editor removes content styles for the inline editor.
  • #11568: Fixed: Styles drop-down list is not enabled on selection change.
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