New Features:

  • Added new translation: Sinhala.

Fixed Issues:

  • #10339: Fixed: Error thrown when inserted data was totally stripped out after filtering and processing.
  • #10298: Fixed: Data processor breaks attributes containing protected parts.
  • #10367: Fixed: editable.insertText() loses characters when RegExp replace controls are being inserted.
  • #10165: [IE] Access denied error when document.domain has been altered.
  • #9761: Update the Backspace key state in keystrokeHandler.blockedKeystrokes when calling editor.setReadOnly().
  • #6504: Fixed: Race condition while loading several config.customConfig files.
  • #10146: [Firefox] Empty lines are being removed while config.enterMode is CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.
  • #10360: Fixed: ARIA role="application" should not be used for dialog windows.
  • #10361: Fixed: ARIA role="application" should not be used for floating panels.
  • #10510: Introduced unique voice labels to differentiate between different editor instances.
  • #9945: [iOS] Scrolling not possible on iPad.
  • #10389: Fixed: Invalid HTML in the "Text and Table" template.
  • WebSpellChecker plugin user interface was changed to match CKEditor 4 style.
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