How Neos CMS saved time and boosted productivity with CKEditor

Neos CMS is an innovative open source content management system committed to being user friendly. The core idea behind the project is to make editing websites fun again. Neos’ goal is to allow editors to edit content as seamlessly as possible while still retaining its structure. The structured content can be later on rendered and processed in any possible way. We contribute to Neos’ success by providing the most modern editor for CMS available on the market.

Challenge: to get only what we ask for

Neos’ team was using a different type of editor which did not meet their expectations. It didn’t have npm module. It was a huge monolith solution with lots of functionalities that were redundant from their perspective. But they had to import all of them. For example, they didn’t need any user interface, because they were happy with their own.

Dmitri Pisarev, Neos CMS Team Member, recalls this period as “constant fighting with the code”. “We tried to disable the user interface but we didn’t fully succeed. There were still some ugly parts of it which we couldn’t remove at all. What we wanted was to have modularity and get only what we ask for without getting everything else included.”

Solution: editor with custom experiences

Neos’ team found the solution thanks to CKEditor 5. It provided them with a text editing framework based on which they could create custom experiences. They just took the essential bits and pieces of editing experience that they did not want to develop themselves.

The integration was extremely lean. We didn't have to override any code. We just wrote a few plugins.

“The integration was extremely lean,” says Pisarev. “We didn’t have to override any code. We just wrote a few plugins that were missing in the editor itself and enabled some specific plugins that we needed for our purposes. We made it completely customizable for the integrator to choose which plugins he needs for a particular section. Each section is a new instance of the editor. For example, the “Title” section does not even have bold and italic plugins, as we wanted it this way. If you paste something there from any source, it gets automatically stripped from all the formatting. That’s really amazing.”

Result: better work efficiency

“Working with CKEditor 5 was so smooth and effortless that it saved us a lot of time,” says Pisarev. “It’s the first rich text editor that I was able to understand how it works. We didn’t need to fight with a jungle of messy code that you are not able to fix yourself. It was a real productivity boost for us!”

The team was finally able to unlock resources and focus on user facing features in their CMS. They rewrote from scratch the link editor. They improved “Paste from Word” feature. And did many other improvements to benefit their users.

"Working with CKEditor 5 was smooth and effortless. It's the first rich text editor that I was able to understand how it works."

Dmitri Pisarev
Team Member, Neos CMS

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