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Hive Networks Case Study

Discover how CKEditor 5 is powering Hive Networks’ efforts to improve quality of care among those suffering from pediatric diseases.

Hive Networks brings healthcare professionals and patients together thanks to CKEditor 5

Pediatric diseases require a specialized approach to battle. In the case of one healthcare startup, the answer is in building learning health networks. In this instance, learning health networks is a form of organizational architecture used by working communities of patients, clinicians, and researchers that improve social and clinical outcomes for health conditions by sharing and creating data and ideas. The Cincinnati-based Hive Networks approach to doing this is by creating a SaaS platform that allows these working communities to build up such networks through document collaboration. Good thing they turned to CKEditor 5 for their real-time collaboration and on-premises security solution.

Challenge: The disconnect between patients, doctors, and researchers

The driving force behind Hive’s platform is the concept of iterative improvement, a form of problem-solving that encourages input from multiple parties. The healthcare-tech landscape is full of software that facilitates communication between doctors and patients (and parents in the case of child patients), powers data analysis for researchers, and improves overall quality. However, all of these purposes are often stuck in their individual silos. Hive’s approach is to amplify the effects of these capabilities by having them all on one platform where all parties involved can debate, hash out details, and create strategies in a Google Docs-like environment. The result is a learning health network working in tandem to generate the knowledge necessary to combat pediatric diseases.

Hive networks

Solution: Using real-time collaborative editing to build a learning health network

For this learning health network to take off, Hive decided that real-time collaboration would be the technology to make their vision possible. When we spoke to chief technical officer Scott Roth, he told us they needed a Google Docs-like document creation experience so patients, parents, clinicians, and researchers can consult each other and plot out strategies for disease treatment. “Document collaboration is huge for us,” said Roth, when telling us why Hive decided to go with CKEditor 5.

We found that it was gonna solve the collaboration issues that we have. Real-time collaboration makes the whole thing work.

Of course, privacy is a top concern when dealing with patient health issues. That’s why having an on-premises storage solution to back up their collaborative data was an absolute must for Hive. “We needed to have it hosted in our environment because of the sensitive data we have. We need to ensure we’re securing it,” Roth added.

We chose CKEditor not only because of its functionality, but because there is an on-premises version.

From enabling collaboration to making sure patient data is secure, Hive has a crucial niche covered in the medical world.

Result: A one-of-a-kind platform

But would their intended user base take to it? Scott Roth was delighted to tell us of a recent virtual conference that included breakout sessions where the platform was used. As participants collaborated remotely on sample documents, they were wowed at the quickness with which they could work together. With such a reaction, Hive’s decision to create an iterative healthcare improvement solution with CKEditor 5’s real-time collaboration and data security setup was vindicated. The goal now is to make sure the learning methodologies that their platform is creating can scale and spread. “As our platform is able to allow people to collaborate better together and improve on the quality of care milestones or goals they have, that’s where we measure our success,” Roth told us. “If we don’t provide the functionality to do that, we’ve failed.”

Thanks to CKEditor 5’s real-time collaboration and on-premises data-storing capabilities, Hive provides a novel platform that is truly unlike anything in healthcare as it aims to improve quality of life for those suffering from chronic pediatric diseases. If your firm is trying to build a secure, collaborative solution to pressing issues in your field, get in touch with us today!

Scott Roth - CTO of Hive Networks

“Real-time collaboration makes the whole thing work.”

Scott Roth
Hive Networks

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Hive Networks
Our solution:

CKEditor 5 with Real-time collaboration and on-premises data storage


Enthusiastic reception from the healthcare community

A superior solution in the field of healthcare

Data security thanks to on-premises storage

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