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The next rich text editor is at The Next Web 2019!

CKEditor, the next rich text editor at TNW 2019

We are super excited to announce that we will be in Amsterdam on May 9 & 10th to participate in #TNW2019.

TNW is Europe’s leading tech festival and conference with over 15K visitors, 80 industry-leading speakers, and 300 exhibitors. As it self-identifies as “the heart of tech”, the conference aims to celebrate innovation. It is a perfect place to discuss and predict how technology will shape the future. With 13 different conference tracks, it covers any tech topic you can think of, from AI to sustainability, blockchain, e-commerce, startup growth, etc.

All in all, TNW is the perfect place to meet with forward-looking tech enthusiasts who are searching for ways to innovate the content creation and writing experience in their applications.

# CKEditor Ecosystem in a nutshell

CKEditor Ecosystem consists of rich text editors, collaboration features and file managers with image upload and editing capabilities which all together provide easy to implement online writing components for your software. We believe a rich text editor’s job does not end with just writing text but it should provide a complete solution to give the users the perfect environment to create content.

# About CKEditor 5

We have been in the rich text editing business for 16 years, so millions of developers and online content authors have heard about CKEditor in the past or used it. During the last 4 years, we have been working on a new editor version that would be compatible with today’s web and ready for the future’s web.

Written from scratch, CKEditor 5 was released last year and is already gaining traction in modern content creation platforms and applications. CKEditor 5 offers a complete WYSIWYG editing framework that you can customize to fit your software as well as ready-to-use, customizable builds for generic use cases. It works flawlessly on any device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

CKEditor 5 is super easy and quick to integrate thanks to the extensive documentation and superb support. The user-friendly editor provides a well-designed UI with perfect UX, so users can create rich text, manage images or tables and use any other advanced text formatting and styling features efficiently.

# About collaboration features

Collaboration features allow your users to collaborate in CKEditor 5. Thanks to these solutions you can easily create the unique writing environment your users need, so they can focus on what really matters: their content. You can set up and customize collaboration features in any way you wish, just like any other CKEditor 5 feature.

Collaboration features are an integral part of what CKEditor 5 promises since the editor was built with collaborative content writing in mind right from the start. Collaboration features are meant to make your software more indispensable by merging the content creation with the review process inside your application. Thanks to this, the users will not need to switch between applications to exchange ideas, discuss and finalize the content. By providing your users with the opportunity to centralize content creation in your software, your application can become a distraction-free, high-productivity tool.

Among the collaboration features available for CKEditor 5 you can find comments, track changes, and real-time collaborative editing. You can use track changes and comments features standalone or choose to combine them with real-time collaborative editing for an all-encompassing collaboration experience.

# See you at TNW!

Contact us now to set up a meeting at TNW 2019! Let’s discuss how we can help you improve the content creation in your application with the next generation of rich text editors and encourage the users to stay within your platform by allowing them to collaborate.

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