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Thanksgiving Widget Hunt!

With the release of CKEditor 4.3 we introduced widgets, and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by having ourselves a little hunt around the new feature!

Hidden on this site is a page with a wild turkey. Find it and you will have a chance to win a free CKEditor t-shirt! Anyone who finds the secret page will be asked to email us a special hashtag, and between December 2-6 we will randomly select a lucky winner each day from the growing list of hunters! The hunt will be open until the last day of the lottery. 

How to Hunt

Firstly, read the clues below. They will guide you on your adventure. You will have to chase the turkey through 5 sequential pages located on our documentation and CKEditor sites before you can corner the little devil on the hidden page. The clues tell you which link you’re supposed to press next. (It might help to keep this blog post open in a separate tab and to check each potential link's tooltip.)

Secondly, remember that this hunt is related to the new widgets. All the pages will have something to do with the new CKEditor 4.3 feature. 

Finally, the last clue involves manually adding a secret word to the address bar of the last page of the hunt. It will take you to the hidden page.

The Clues

Let's begin. Read the first clue. It will tell you where to start.

  • First Clue: “Return home to where it all begins.” (Do not press the "Back" button)
  • Second Clue: “So close, yet so far!”
  • Third Clue: “Introduces a kit that helps you develop!”
  • Fourth Clue: “You go there to learn how to develop a widget dialog window.”
  • Fifth Clue: "Remember what feature this hunt is related to!”
  • Final Clue: "The third advantage of using widgets!"

Got it? Good! Happy Thanksgiving and let the hunt begin!

Edit: Contest Results!

The contest is now closed! Here are the winners:

Jon K. - Shorewood, USA
Pierre M. - Croix, France
Marc S. - De Meern, The Netherlands
Xin S. - Munich, Germany
Ashley N. - Derbyshire, UK

We thank everyone for participating!


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