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New and Improved License Options!

In the continuing spirit of CKEditor's 10 Year Anniversary we would like to announce our new and improved license offers! Gone are the old Website, Corporate Websites and OEM options in favor of the simpler BasicProfessional and Enterprise licenses. More importantly, CKSource now has a dedicated Sales phone number to help you make your purchases!

Enterprise for your custom needs

enterprise blueThe biggest additions are the Enterprise license and dedicated Sales contact numbers, both of which were created for complex projects requiring custom licensing options. This is a big plus for anyone considering buying a license as it offers a customized means of getting assistance while making purchases.

If you ever had doubts about which license your project requires, our sales team will help you make the right choice at the following numbers:

Toll-free (US/CAN): + 1 800 820 4009 Internationally: +1 650 521 9065

Where is the OEM license?

The OEM license is still available, though it's now covered by the Enterprise license. If your application or Software as a Service (SaaS) includes our products, call one of the above numbers and our sales team will customize the appropriate license option for your needs.

Simpler and less expensive

Individuals working on simple website projects can opt for the new Basic and Professional licenses. Both offers are less expensive than their Website and Corporate Websites counterparts and offer standard service conditions.

Please check the CKEditor Premium and CKFinder product pages for more details.

Bundles with up to 60% discount!

Due to popular demand CKSource has created bundles that let you save up to 60% while buying CKEditor Premium and CKFinder in a single package! The new purchasing process lets you directly add CKFinder to your basket while buying CKEditor and vice versa. The bundles only require a single purchase form, all this at the click of a button!

Please let us know what you think of the new license offers by commenting below.  

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