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New Website! New CKEditor Premium!

CKEditor Premium

We are happy to unveil the new and improved CKSource website! After years of small changes, we decided to completely redesign the CKSource website with a fresh new look and a simplified products section.

New Website

The new CKSource website introduces a simplified navigation experience where all commercial products are feature under one roof, including CKEditor (now CKEditor Premium), CKEditor for Drupal, CKEditor for Joomla and CKFinder, which previously had its own website.

Just click on the desired product in the above menu to access the improved pages. There you will find all the information you need to make your selection. We hope it will simplify your business decisions.

CKEditor Premium

With so many changes this was also a perfect time to introduce our new product line: CKEditor Premium.

CKEditor Premium is based on the latest functionality improvements of CKEditor 4, with the most groundbreaking innovations being inline editing, a new default skin, the Add-ons Repository and CKBuilder service.

All our commercial offerings come with easy licensing options that give you the benefits of a Closed Distribution License by protecting your commercial and intellectually rights. They also offer one year of dedicated and direct support from our core team. This way you can be sure that we are watching your interest when implementing and using of our products.

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We hope our new website and CKEditor Premium make your experience at CKSource a pleasant one. Your feedback is welcome!

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