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New Solutions and Services!

Today, CKSource is proud to introduce new Enterprise Solutions and an assortment of CKEditor and CKFinder Services to its line of products! The new offers give enterprises with complex needs flexible end-to-end solutions that may be used to gain a deeper knowledge of CKSource products, speed up development, add custom features and more!

  • Site Audit
  • Development
  • Assistance
  • Trainings
  • SLA
  • SpellChecker

  • Site Audit: When your project needs suggestions on how it can be improved.
  • Custom Development: When you need new features, plugins and connectors.
  • Assistance Package: When you need direct access to CKSource developers.
  • Trainings: When you need hand-on demonstrations and workshops.
  • SLA: When you need the fastest level of technical support.
  • SpellChecker: When you need professional spell checking tools. 


Enterprise Solutions give enterprises the option to customize any of the available services. They give flexibility to current offers as well as an end-to-end customer care process.

With Enterprise Solutions you can tailor the license terms, delivery, approach, service range and guarantees of all available Services to better reflect your business needs. Get them now to enhance your project and save on development time!


Clients looking for offers that can be easily bundled without any custom solutions can select from an assortment of CKEditor and CKFinder Services. Just select the services, contact our sales agents and you will be on your way to getting the most experienced CKEditor and CKFinder support on the market

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