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New CKEditor JavaScript Developers!

CKSource would like to officially welcome two new developers to its downtown Warsaw office in Poland: Grzegorz Pabian and Artur Delura! Both are skilled JavaScript Developers with knowledge of various programming languages.

Grzegorz Pabian helped create Bender.js, the new in-house JavaScript Testing Framework used to test CKEditor. Later he will be tasked to work on various other CKEditor projects, including CKEditor 5!

Arthur Delura worked on an SDK Builder for CKEditor, an all-in-one package for developers that isn't officialy available yet. He also helped test Bender.js and is currently working on the new SkinTuner app that will let you test and tune custom CKEditor 4 skins. Later he will lend the core development team with future CKEditor releases.

Welcome aboard guys!

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