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FinTech Connect 2019 - Optimize your content with CKEditor 5

Exhibiting CKEditor 5 with collaboration features at Fintech Connect

We will be exhibiting CKEditor 5 and collaboration features at FinTech Connect on 3-4 December at ExCeL London.

FinTech Connect is one of the leading financial technology conferences where major financial institutions connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. The event is the perfect place for creating dialogue around digital transformation, payments, financial security regtech and blockchain.

This year’s event will bring more than 6,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors and 300 speakers together to share best practices and showcase new products and solutions to shape financial services of the future.

# Meet us at FinTech Connect

We will be happy to meet you in London! We will be waiting for you at booth D10.
If you plan to attend the event and have a tight schedule, you can also contact us to arrange a meeting.

At FinTech, we plan to showcase different solutions for improving document and Content management, enhancing user and customer communication and collaborating on documents, reports, analyses, and contracts which are all possible with CKEditor 5 and its collaboration features.

# CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features in a nutshell

Powered by 16 years in rich text editing business and ambition to provide the web with a future-proof writing tool, CKEditor 5 offers a complete WYSIWYG editing framework that you can customize to fit your software and use case. In addition to that, we prepared ready-to-use editor builds for the most common use cases.

Collaboration features allow your users to collaborate in CKEditor 5 and consist of comments, track changes, and real-time collaborative editing. Collaboration features can be set up and customized in any way you wish, just like any other CKEditor 5 feature. Thanks to this, you can easily create the unique writing environment your users need, so they can focus on what really matters: their content.

Collaboration features are meant to make your software more indispensable by merging the content creation with the review process inside your application. Thanks to this, the users will not need to switch between applications to exchange ideas, discuss and finalize the content. By providing your users with the opportunity to centralize content creation in your software, your application can become a distraction-free, high-productivity tool.

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