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FCKeditor 2.5 released

This is the most important release since FCKeditor 2.0. It introduces Safari and Opera compatibility, but also new features that leverage the quality of FCKeditor to an upper level. You will find no similar solution on other products.

The most exciting feature is the new Style System. Now you have full control over every single formatting and semantic command available in the editor interface. Why having a limited interface to achieve a XHTML 1.1 experience? Enjoy a full featured editor, while well controlling how things work on it. No more <font> tags? Well, the system is so flexible that it is up to you to decide (but don't worry... no <font> tags by default :).

Do you want more? What about blockquote support, the revamped Undo System, the Data Processor which makes it possible to handle non HTML data, and much more.

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